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Your Consultant is Rachel Cobb

My Story

My Scentsy story started in September 2010.  My friend  told me she and her husband quit their jobs to stay home and start a home business called "Scentsy".  She explained it to me and I have to admit, I was a skeptic.  I wondered how anyone could make money selling candles.  Ha!  I soon came to find out that Scentsy is not candles, it's so much better!  I am hooked on the Scentsy train, now!   In August 2012 the Oklahoma Wildfires took our home.  We ended up with nothing but our PJ's.  I have to say that it was so Easy to start over my home business.  I think if I had been doing anything else, I would have quit or given up.  Being a part of such an amazing Company  made it so much easier.  I had support like a family from all my Scentsy sisters! 

I am now living in Florida as a stay at home mom, and Scentsy is my only real job now.  Since being on my Scentsy journey, my family has become debt free!  We are now financially free to build a strong foundation for our family's financial future!  We are able to give more than we ever have, and every month it makes me feel so great that I can pay bills, or do fun things for my kids with MY Scentsy money!    My team is growing, and I would LOVE to sit down and talk with you about how Scentsy can bless YOUR life!  Take the journey with me!  I promise, you will not regret it! ~Rachel 405-513-4898 (PS- it will be the most fun you have ever had working! I cannot believe I get paid to do this!)<!--endbody-->